Video Typography

Typography is one of the latest trends in using text to present a corporate product, service or image advertisement. It’s unique and different presentation abilities can add a lot of fun by placing text into various animation positions.


While the reader of the message becomes captivated by its various animated forms. The viewer begins to ingest the message in a puzzle type format. They then become more aware of what it is, the company is telling them about their products and services. Almost as if they are beginning to solve a challenging puzzle or game. While the advertising industry has conducted it’s usual everyday forms of marketing, along comes something that is really different and unique. Why ? Because this new technique of advertising actually begins to challenge viewers into reading about the company, and having fun while they are reading their message. Almost as if the viewer is being challenged to play a Rubix cube type of game. While the possibilities of layout designs using this form of text marketing is endless. We believe this trend will be around for a while because of the endless possibilities that have been yet to be discovered. Some of the designers have for example now added photos and videos to this new marketing concept. We would also like to note, that as the advertising industry is constantly looking for new challenges within the industry to captivate a viewer. This is definitely one to watch out for over the next few years.

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