Video Overheads

Overhead Choices

Allow video to play through one time and then hit replay. After purchase and download these videos have no interruptions.


While the market continues to grow in so many areas of communications. Overheads have begun to take giant leaps. Today there are available both sound and non sound overheads. Much like the power point presentation, video overheads are gaining ground because of the flexibility it has in presenting a presentation that offers both voice and still presentations. Even with the ability such as looping, self starting overhead videos can now be built to a specific time frame. Video Production companies also have the ability to add music or sound to the overheads, and in the length of the sound track. The capability of even creating an album type of overheads. Where for example at a gathering or festivity these overheads can be produced for the length or time frame of the event. This is especially great for gatherings that cannot afford the audio visual technician, or would prefer to have them attend other or more important matters during the event.

The quality of HD resolution has made a large impact on the quality of presentation for the customer. The customer no longer has to try and figure out what is actually on the screen because of poor quality graphics. Along with this there is also a larger selection in choices of overheads, and with the still images you can even convert the overhead with additional animation, in order to personalize the overhead for the customer.

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