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The Next Wave – Video Marketing

Allow video to play through one time and then hit replay. After purchase and download these videos have no interruptions..

We are about to begin a journey of establishing a video website company which will help business owners to become better equipped at communicating their message to their customers at an affordable price. Videos have come a long way in recent years in quality and affordability. One of the most critical areas of marketing today with the business is the ability to get the message to its customer. Videos can do that instantly. Competitiveness in the marketplace is driving the industry into the need of becoming more alert with understanding the customers needs. Understanding business marketing is one of these vital areas because of the availability of the various marketing resources. Like the days of the blacksmith when the auto arrived everything in the transport industry changed dramatically. Speed, convenience and cost revolutionized the marketplace.

The internet is doing the exact same thing to the retail industry. It has established a different type of shopping requirements for the new type of customer. The internet customer now has the ability to gain access to a marketplace which offers a huge selection of consumers goods. This along with the competiveness, helps the customer to gain additional hours with their life choices because of the convenience of stay at home shopping. Business’ s who ignore this opportunity will soon realize this marketplace is being driven because of the demand by the consumer for this type of shopping. This type of shopping has allowed the consumer to have more leisure time. A greater opportunity of finding the exact product they are searching to buy, because of a greater selection of consumer choices, pricing, along with the convenience of having their goods delivered right to their door. Choosing to ignore this new marketplace can mean instant reduction in sales and possible bankruptcy.

In line with this trend, video production will be a driving force because similar to the advent of television commercials, and how it became a driving force to manufacturers and consumers in its message of product information. The affordability of videos will mean small and large business’s now have access to a larger choice of professional video messages, that present their companies with a quality presentation. Communicating a quality message with precision, generally sets apart a company, and products from the competition. It is because the consumer can now see a more realistic outlook of the real picture of the company and its products. This will help build a more quality educated consumer, and will lead to a larger impact than the television commercials had with the retail marketplace for decades.

Not only does the videos become affordable. It also means these videos can be targeted directly to the customers who are the regular buyers of the business’s products. It can also target just new customers or other types of demographics for the consumer. This will help save companies large amounts of advertising dollars, because they no longer have to pay for an audience that they are not interested in target marketing. In the past television advertising would charge a company based on audience sizes whether these customers had an interest in the product or not. Also helping with the advertising cost will mean the one time fee for the production will help the business to further reduce its advertising cost.

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