Taking your Sign Business to The Next Level !

For those sign business’s searching to take their business to the next level it is always important to do your research of your area before proceeding into any new adventure. This basic research would involve scoping your area to find out the usual types of questions and answers you would need to have answered, in order to complete the viability of your project.
The new trend today is in store and office monitoring. This basically allows your sign business to approach a business, such as a restaurant, hotel, doctor’s office and arrange an agreement with them, to install an advertising monitor, or monitors depending on the size and, locations of sitting traffic in that business. Waiting room areas, or prime viewing areas in the restaurant, hotel or office areas would be the ideal area to locate your monitor. Basically the more viewers you get the better the results.
How do you make the money ? There are a lot of ways you can make this sign monitor venture profitable. The most important thing of course is to secure the business and area for your monitor. You can make an arrangement with the business to share in the commissions of the ads you display on the monitor, or simply offer the business some free advertising on the monitor in exchange for the business’s permission to place the monitor in their location. Ensure you sign an agreement with their business, to avoid any future conflicts or misunderstandings about what you have agreed to during your discussions. Once you have completed the arrangement with the business, you are now ready to sell your advertising which can be displayed on your monitor.
How to sell the advertising at a Business.
The best way to look at any advertisement is to view it with potential advertisers, as a business card type advertisement being displayed throughout the town, or city. Another option could be to display weekly, monthly specials that occurs with a business in the community during the week. So while a patient in a doctor’s office, a traveller checking into a hotel desk, a customer sitting at a restaurant waiting for their meal. The advertisers potential customer has the ability to view these rotating advertisements. It would be up to you how you set up these agreements. For example you could charge, a daily, monthly or annual advertising rate where the advertiser pays according to that time limit. Ensure you sign an agreement that would allow a complete understanding of the terms. This always helps because we are all human and can forget what we agreed to during the discussions. Ensure you go down through the contract with your customer, so the customer fully understands all the terms that were agreed with each other. If there is any future dispute you will find by showing the customer the agreement. It generally helps to avoid any misunderstandings and bad business relationships with your customer. As a suggestion I have always made it a priority during a disagreement to come up with an amicable solution, to ensure your future business with the customer is maintained.
Our company is in the business of creating videos for these advertisements. Our best price videos can be purchased and downloaded immediately in our, ” Ready 2 Go ” area of our websites. These are generally ads which can apply to most any generic applications that do not require a business name or location. For example Christmas Greetings, Welcome Ads,Turn off your Cell phone, Sale Specials, Product or Service Information. These are basic advertisements for the business’s that have placed your monitor in their location. You can even add on some of the other ads in this selection. There address is not required for obvious reasons, the customer is already at their location.
Our ” U Build It ” area is a great area on our site where the advertising customer gets to decide how their advertisement will turn out. They can change out the photos or videos, and text that are currently on the videos with their own, or use the ones already displayed. They will also add their company information. All you would need to do is to go to our U Build It area of our website for information on how to send us the information. Along with information on the various types of layouts available. We only produce what is available in the video. In other words if it is just a text advertisement, that is what is available to your customer. We can provide you with the videos on our site for display purposes to your customer, or for resale purposes. We will work with you on special pricing for resale purposes only.
Our custom area is basically if a customer is looking for an exclusive type video for their business. This includes videos which require additional changes which are already on our site. We basically charge an hourly rate to our customers for the work involved in the production of the video. This also includes any additional time spent with the client. We do give the first hour free as a consultation introduction and information session. These are by appointments only with one of our representatives. You can book them by going to our front page in our menu area or at the bottom of our front page.
Although you can just use a simple computer and monitor with a graphic card. Ensure you have enough storage space to allow for expansion of additional videos within the websites. There are lots of ways to set up the computer for displaying the videos. You can use a media player already installed on your computer, or run it from your corporate website to the computer installed at the business. This is done fairly easily on your website. You could designate a page to that business on your site with a slider which holds the videos. When you are at the advertisers business setting up the monitor. Simply bring up that page when you login and open your business website. Always remember to train the person at that business to turn on and off daily, unless they prefer to leave it on 24/7. There are also companies available which sell and install these monitors for you.

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