How To Download Videos

Downloading videos using various video downloaders can be a challenge for some individuals. So we are going to explain the various types of video downloaders available. Along with how you can down load a video from various sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, in order to help you understand how easy it can be to undergo this task. Today we will start with the following download sites and how to start.

  • How To Download YouTube Videos
  • How To Download Vimeo Videos
  • How To Download Facebook Videos
  • How To Download Instagram Videos
  • How To Download Twitter Videos
  • How To Download Tumblr Videos

When Using The Downloads Please always follow the Terms of Service.


How To Download YouTube Videos

  1. Open YouTube page by typing in
  2. Beneath the subscriber button you will notice; Share, Embed, Email
  3. Choose which way you would like to download the video.

Click On The Share Button: Choose which website you would like to share the video you picked then click on that companies icon. A box should open up from that site. It will generally have a button which says post to site (The name of the site) Just click on that button to post your video.

Embed The Video: This is generally used to place the video you have chosen on another website using code. Click on embed button and a box will open up with the code from the video. Highlight and copy this code. Then paste the embed code to the preferred site you would like to posted on.

Email video: For those who would prefer to email the chosen video. Click on email and a box will open up which says To. Fill in the email address you would like the video sent to, and when completed click on button below that says send email.

You have now completed and chosen your preferred method of downloading a YouTube video.


If you are interested in Uploading one of your videos on the following websites please follow the instructions below. Please ensure you read their terms of service.


How To Upload YouTube Videos

Click Here For Instructions


How To Upload Vimeo Videos

Click Here for Instructions







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